Project #14

Encapsulated biocides
Goals and objectives
This project aims at controlling the leach rate of biocides. Controlled release will lead to more effective use of biocides, thereby increasing the longevity of the coating and decreasing the environmental impact. A longer lasting hull coating will lead to economic benefits for the ship owners and allow coating manufacturers to obtain premium price for their product. The more effective use of biocides will reduce the environmental impact of hull coatings.
Danish Technogical Institute
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Presentations and media coverage from the project
September 2016 Controlled release of biocides from encapsulation Presentation of project at "XXIV International Conference on Bioencapsulation”, Lissabon, Portugal, 21-23 September 2016"
September 2016 Project update at Blue INNOship seminar Presentation
April 2015 Encapsulated biocides Description of the project from Teknologisk Institut's website
Update from the project at the Blue INNOship seminar, September 2016