Blue INNOship
- Denmark's largest maritime innovation project
Blue INNOship is a societal partnership focusing on creating growth and employment in the Blue Denmark through development of green and energy-efficient solutions. 
Blue INNOship consists of app. 40 partners covering suppliers, shipowners, consultants, universities and schools, GTS institutions, authorities and classification societies, who work together in 5 work packages containing 14 active projects and 1 pre-study.
The long term objective of Blue INNOship is to develop an innovation model for the Danish maritime industry and the partnership is an investment in the development of this strong common innovation model that will offer a central, competitive advantage for the Danish maritime industry. 
The activities in Blue INNOship is funded by the project partners, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Maritime Fund and Orient's Fund.
Background for Blue INNOship
The background for Blue INNOship is found in the Government’s Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark from December 2012, where it is stated that “Green solutions are the future for the Blue Denmark”.
As a consequence of the Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark, a catalogue designed as an inspiration and prioritisation framework for new, intelligent investments in innovation were developed as part of Innovation Fund Denmark's INNO+ initiative. The INNO+ initiative is focusing on specific and significant societal challenges, in which there is a potential for Denmark to create innovative solutions in the short or medium term.
In a maritime context the INNO+ initiative focused on 'Blue jobs via green solutions'. Blue INNOship and the connected activities are the outcome of the process with creating a societal partnership with this focus.