The pre-initiation phase

In the pre-initiation phase focus is on identifying the reasons for the project both on project level and at partner level. Further, focus is on setting the frames for the project.

At present the identified issues that need to be addressed are:

Purpose and goal
What is the purpose and goal for the project? Why is it important to reach the goal?

Technology Readiness Level
Which Technology Readiness Level is the technology currently on and where should it be after successful finalization of the project? This is important in order to establish a common understanding of what level the project should reach.

Market timing
When is the right timing for finalizing the project? Is there a urgent demand for the technology or does it need to be timed in order to match regulation or market demands?

Which stakeholders should be present in the project and what should their roles be? This is important to discuss and clarify before initiating the project as the goals and objectives of the might be more efficiently reached by engaging with the relevant stakeholders early on. Below is an overview of maritime stakeholders on a general level but the discussion of stakeholders should be performed on a specific level.

  • Regulators
  • Classification societies
  • Owners, charterers, and operators
  • Designers and consultants
  • Equipment and technology suppliers
  • Industry associations
  • Shipyards
  • Ports
  • Universities and institutes
  • Insurers
  • Financiers


Project planning
The planning of the project needs to be performed at as detailed a level as possible as early as possible. Even though it is tempting to plan the project at a general level, the overview and clarity gained through the discussions relating to specific planning is very valuable when the focus is to shorten the development time.

Among the topics to clarify early on is:

  • Time schedule for the different parts of the project
  • The importance of manning of the project by the involved parties
  • What’s the value for the organization?
  • ‘What’s in it for me?’ – the personal motivation


Budget and financing of the project
Budget and especially financing can be a showstopper if not addressed properly early on. There are very different possibilities for financing of activities for companies and universities. When participating in collaborative projects it is very important to discuss expectations to how the activities is financed.

Further, it should be clarified how unforeseen costs are split between the partners and how disagreements regarding the economic resources are to be solved. 

Establishing a decision hierarchy in the project


Cooperation agreements