Project #3

Trailer Cat
Goals and objectives
The goal is to confirm the task to achieve a cost reduction of 50% per trailer and a CO2 emission reduction of 70% per trailer compared with large conventional vessel in use today on app.  120 miles service. 
To develop a business case that will enable an operator and/or investor to start negotiations with partners, as well as with customers, ports, shipyards, and authorities
The project introduces a new concept of a Ro-Ro (Roll-on-Roll-off) vessel designed in a catamaran configuration for large volume maritime transport of road trailers and other classes of rolling cargo.

Update from the project (March 2017)

The analysis and design works of the Trailer Cat Project is in progress. In the INNOship Project we have decided to base the analysis and investigations on two specific routes. The market has been investigated for the routes.

Establishment of terminals and the challenges in access to the ports etc. have been investigated though most comprehensive for one of the route and in that respect, we have identified the project to be viable.

The analysis and the design process of the Catamaran is in progress. A preliminary hull form has been developed, loads on the unusual hull form have been analyzed, and the designing of the hull structure is in progress.

The development of the arrangement of terminal and link-span design has been started.

OSK – ShipTech 
Claus Kruse
Bureau Veritas
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Presentations and media coverage from the project
September 2016 Project update at Blue INNOship seminar Presentation
Update from the project at the Blue INNOship seminar, September 2016